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Wren Hall                                                                                                                                                                                 downČ 

Photograph: H-Dieter Scholz                                                                                Point and click for panoramic views 

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Wren Hall

Wren Hall was funded by a former pupil of the Cathedral School, Sir Stephen Fox and built by William Naish, Clerk of Works of the Cathedral in 1714 to furnish a classroom and further dormitories for the choristers. The only debt it may owe to Wren is in its style, a suitable memorial to that great Wiltshire born architect. After the removal of the Choir School the College of Sarum St Michael aquired it for a short period until it became the Diocesan archive repository. In the 1980`s it was used as the Spire Appeal office and in the past few years has become a Cathedral educational resource centre for school visits. The Big School Room or BSR still retains much of its old choir school character with its back to back classes - the Headmaster`s desk remains at one end and the assistant master's desk at the other. Dormitories are above in the attic.

Text by John Bushell - Photographs by H.-Dieter Scholz


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