Salisbury Cathedral Close Preservation Society


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Membership - How to join


The Society strives to protect the unique quality of The Close for future generations.  

Over the years the Society has been very active in efforts to reduce traffic flow as well as providing financial support to the Cathedral towards a number of projects, most recently the replacement lighting along the Broad Walk path.  

The Society is a membership organisation and holds an Annual General Meeting, normally in Spring. The 2015/16 AGM has been held on 5 April 2016 at the Military Museum. The Society also arranges an annual lecture in the autumn. This year’s lecture (2016) will take place on Thursday,20 October 2016..


You are invited to join the Salisbury Cathedral Close Preservation Society by returning the application form with a cheque in favour of SCCPS.

Membership is open to everyone who cares about the preservation of The Close and its unique character. New members, regardless of place of residence are always welcome,

The completion of a Gift Aid declaration will also be helpful by adding to the value of your subscription to the Society.

Link to application form. 







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