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Ecology of The Close

Bird, Flora and Fauna Surveys

The eighty acre extend of The Close is a haven for birds, flora and fauna in the centre of Salisbury. The Society and the Close Residents Association have combined to support the Dean and Chapter's aim to attain Eco Church Gold Level

A first step has been the initiation of a baseline survey in cooperation with he national charity Plantlife as well as RSPB volunteers led by Granville Pictor.

There has been a strong wish to also involve local schools. Pupils from the Cathedral school have been participated already in the bird survey.

The intention is to produce a report by November 2019 on the results of these surveys.


Moth caterpillar on Ragworth
Striped Cinnabar Moth caterpillars on ragworth
Moth caterpillar on Ragworth
Busy Bumblebee

An Artistic Survey of the Flora of The Close

The Salisbury Florilegium Society (SFS) began as a direct result of the 2016 ‘Secret Gardens of the Close’ event - an annual Open Gardens event in Salisbury Cathedral Close. The SFS members number some 24 contemporary amateur botanical artists, many of them local to Salisbury. Their style is classic in presentation and they work in the traditional media of watercolour, graphite, coloured pencils and pen and ink.

Under the leadership of Sally Pond the SFS has documented some of the plant materials of Salisbury’s Cathedral Close, using traditional methods of botanical illustration. This has resulted in a growing collection of original botanical art depicting the plants from the private gardens within Salisbury Cathedral Close.

In addition, vignettes of some of the private gardens have been painted or drawn, to put the botanical illustrations into context. The collection will be published in book form in October 2019. A pre-view is available via this link..

This provides an exciting and inspiring complement to the survey work mentioned above.

Posted 03/08/19

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Survey Volunteers at the Cathedral East Front

Survey Team

Viola Pansy
Viola Pansy - click to enlarge

Garden View
Garden View - click to enlarge

Bluebelle - click to enlarge