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 AGM 2010/11

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 Held in the Salisbury Museum Lecture Theatre on 9 May 2011


The 2010/11 AGM was combined with a Member's Reception and a Lecture by Adrian Green, Director Salisbury Museum

Chairman’s Report 2011(excerpt)

"...The ambience of the Close is of prime importance. The various planning applications have been carefully monitored. In my opinion press articles and newspaper correspondents have left much to be desired in terms of accuracy.

Currently 'Arundells' is to the fore. We have always favoured it's return to being a family home, but we did not object to the three year public opening under strict conditions that caused no disruption to normal Close activities. An application to allow opening on the same conditions until 29th October is to be made. This will allow time for the Charity Commission to draft a scheme, on which there will be an opportunity for public comment and representations. Once finalised, the scheme will give the Trustees authority to go ahead with the sale of house and contents.

The other application that 'hit the press' was for an extension to the Principal's House at Sarum College. A good deal of emotional writing appeared concerning the monks who would use it. This was not relevant to planning law, and we took no account of it. We lodged an objection, and the application was refused after very detailed consideration by the Planning Committee. lt has gone to appeal, and we have objected to the grounds of appeal. The result of that is awaited. (read more...)

Although a considerable amount of time and expertise has gone into these planning matters it has been at no cost to the Society.

In conclusion may I record my thanks for the support of all the Committee members and the advice they have given. In what continues to be a quiet time for the Society they, and indeed all members, should not drop their guard."

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Constable's Salisbury Paintings
Lecture by Adrian Green, Director Salisbury Museum

Coinciding with the 200th anniversary of Constable's first visit to Salisbury Adrian Green gave an introduction and preview of the forthcoming Constable exhibition. Forty paintings, drawings and prints connected to Constable's visits to Salisbury will be brought together for the first time.

Adrian's enthusiasm, excellent visuals and stimulating commentary inspired his audience.


        As in previous years, the Autumn lecture 2011 will be in the Museum Lecture Theatre at 6.30 pm.   Monday, 7th November. We do hope many members may be able to come and bring their friends.

In Memory of Margaret Hardiman

Margaret Hardiman, was a founder member of the SCCPS with her husband John, who was Vice Chairman. Margaret died peacefully in May (2012)

Margaret organised the traffic surveys which were carried out several times in the Close and analysed the results. As a result of her work it emerged that by far the greatest volume of traffic in the Close is local and rather than from visitors.

In order to reduce traffic dragons teeth were installed inside the Harnham gate to prevent motorists entering the Close from the south. The Cathedral School and Leadenhall School introduced minibus services and the opening of the Bishop's gate in Exeter Street for the delivery of children. Efforts were made to reduce parking by Cathedral employees and volunteers in the Close

Margaret and John contributed greatly to improving the environment of the Close and we are in debt for their strong support.


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AGM in the Salisbury Museum
Lecture Theatre



A glass of wine and a friendly chat
af#T7ter the hard work of the AGM



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